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Covid-19 Update for Shaggy to Chic – Pet Spa Boutique

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during during these unprecedented times and assure you that the most important thing to us as a business is the safety of our customers (both human and canine) and our staff.

Following the latest Coronavirus update from the Government we are planning to reopen. We will be offering the same caring and friendly service but with some big changes

Please note: All previous bookings in the diary for 2020 have been cancelled and will be rearranged.  New dates and times will be sent to all our customers by the end of May with the aim to reopen at the beginning of June.  Priority will be given to dogs most in need of grooming for example breeds which are prone to matting / coats which knot.  

To all our existing customers: If you already had a booking with us before we closed: we will be contacting you by text message or automated call with your new appointment date and time. It is essential that you reply to the message in order to secure your appointment. If you have not confirmed your appointment at least 5 days before, the space will be offered to other customers. We aim to have contacted all customers by 01 June 2020.  If you have not heard from us by that date then please give us a text or call to rebook.

To all new customers: If you did not already have an appointment booked before we closed, we will sadly be unable to take your booking at this time, we will be running at a lower capacity handling less dogs than usual per day until further notice.

New covid-19 Health and Safety Procedure:

If you or anyone else in your household are unwell please do not bring your dog, just contact us to cancel and we will rearrange when safe to do so.

The health and wellbeing of my customers and staff is massively important to us therefore If myself, my staff or anyone in my household are unwell we will close immediately and notify you.

All appointment drop off and pick up times will be 15 minutes apart to allow for social distancing – only one customer to drop off or pick up. Please make sure you are on time we will be working to a very tight timeline therefore late appointment will sadly be cancelled with a 50% cancellation fee. There will also be a late pick up fee of £5 for every 10 minutes after designated pick up time.

A temporary porch will be built at the front door of the pet spa. Door handles, doorbell and card payment machine  will be disinfected between every drop off and pick up. Upon arrival ring the doorbell (which we can speak through) then pop your dog inside the porch, taking all leads and collars with you, Please make sure you close the door securely and we will take your dog from the porch wearing full PPE and we wash your dog immediately before any brushing out or clipping.

The work area will be disinfected and sanitised between each groom, meaning we will be handling less dogs.

Whilst we appreciate times are difficult for everyone, we have no choice but to increase our prices by a minimum of 10%. This is to cover the additional cost of PPE, disinfectant, time we take disinfecting, and the need to space out appointments. Please note: This price will increase if the dog is matted (knotted).

Understandably your dog may not have been groomed for a while, which may have caused some coats to mat / knot together. Where matting / knots are present we will more than likely need to clip your dog short, this is most importantly for the comfort of your dog and to not cause additional stress whilst being groomed.

All payments to be made either using, debit or credit card, the card machine will be situated in the porch ready to be used when collecting your dog or BACS payments – which must be made on the same day as the groom. Any late payments will be charged at £5 per day.

Thank you for taking the time to read our new policy, if you have any questions please call us on 01233 519848, send us a text or email info@shaggy-to-chic.com 

We really appreciate your continued support and understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Many thanks,

Kind regards,


Julia Sinclair

Owner of Shaggy to Chic – Pet Spa Boutique

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